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Property Renovation

Through experience and expertise, IMG helps homeowners and investors realize the full potential of their homes. Each renovation begins with a thorough inspection of the property. Working closely with our contractors, we then identify the biggest value add projects. Utilizing our in-house contracting team, and low cost vendors, we design a plan that minimizes your costs, and maximizes your equity.


The IMG Difference

We help our clients establish short-term, obtainable goals; simplifying the renovation process and making it more approachable.



Utilizing Comparative Market Analyses, as well as in-depth understanding of housing trends, we help our clients understand the importance of scaled remodeling for increasing equity.

IMG assists in breaking down budget, and allocating funds appropriately.

With unrivaled knowledge, experience, and resources, we facilitate the most cost-effective, and time efficient, renovations in the Colorado market. 

Our team identifies ideal commercial and residential locations. We help our clients understand their property's potential for appreciation, and advise against actions that may cause depreciation. 

IMG will help you understand how to calculate the right cash flow that can be generated from a rental property - maximizing your income.

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