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IMG is a high level asset management company, devoted to helping real estate investors of all levels maximize their investment portfolios.We guide our clients - step by step - through acquisition, management, closing, and everything in between.

Minimize your costs. Maximize your profits. Invest in your future.

Real Estate Investment

Connecting owners and tenants with 24/7 service. Everyone wins.

Property Management

All of your Real Estate needs handled under one roof. 

Real Estate Consulting

Buy - Sell - Invest

Find YOUR home.

Residential Real Estate

Buy - Sell - Invest

Get the most out of your business.

Commercial Real Estate

Flips, fixes, and full renovations: add value to your home today.

Property Renovation

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Being active military and stationed halfway across the world made my involvement in this transaction minimal at best.  Brian & Jerome did an amazing job getting the property market ready and looking like the best unit in the complex. They PROFESSIONALLY cleaned the entire house, including carpets, took care of all minor cosmetic issues like touch up paint and fixed non-functioning items like carbon monoxide detectors.  After they professionally staged the condo it looked like a different place. All these important items were part of the listing package and done at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Once the property was under contract they did a great job getting me the HIGHEST PRICE possible and minimizing my inspection expenses. I could not have gotten through this stressful process without their help and would recommend the IMG team to anyone looking to sell."

– Mike E.

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Property Management

Management News

Apartment renters continue to pay..Owners left wondering 'How?'

Residential Housing Complex

Residential News

How low will mortgage rates go? They're under 3%, if you know where to look.

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